Personal Details

Name: Alexander Burmester

DOB: 23/07/1981

Mobile: 0450190136




Graduated High School with OP 2: Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane, 1994-1998

Bachelor of Science (Hons) majoring in Psychology and Neurobiology (IIA Honors in Psychology): University of Queensland, Brisbane, 1999-2002

PhD in Experimental Psychology: University of Queensland, Brisbane, 2004-2009

Work Experience

November 2018-Present: Technical Officer, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne

Developing software for projects in the Microstructual Imaging and Rehabilitative Plasticity research group at the Mary Mackillop Health Research Institute at ACU. Also developing data analysis pipelines for the analysis of behavioural and neuroimaging data.

January 2018-Present: Business Owner and Developer, Alkorm, Brisbane & Melbourne

Creating a web-based platform for cognitive science researchers to run experiments over the web as well as track participant information and data.

May 2015-December 2017: Research Associate, New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

Conducted research into the mechanisms underlying visual working memory in humans. Involved designing, programming and running behavioural experiments for use in the lab and online contexts. Programming was done in MATLAB (using Psychtoolbox and Palmedes), Javascript (using WebGL) and HTML 5. Also involved data analysis using MATLAB and R and preparation of research manuscripts for publication.

January 2013-March 2014: Information and Systems Officer, QPASTT, Brisbane

Managing and maintaining a client database and website for a non-government not-for-profit counselling and refugee services organisation. Optimization of existing .NET 2.0 software to .NET 4.5 platform. Continuing development of database-driven winforms application. Website development utilising wordpress platform.

May 2011-October 2011: C#/SQL Developer, QIMR Berghofer, Brisbane

Developing and providing project management and technical support for Windows portable tablet application and backend windows webserver for monitoring mosquito populations throughout Queensland, utilising Google maps. Entity framework with LINQ was used for the data access layer.

October 2007-October 2009: Database Developer, Intellidesign, Brisbane

Running and administration of a Linux-based custom content management system (CMS) for an electrical engineering firm. Included development of the CMS using a LAMP stack/framework.

February 2004-September 2009: PhD Student and Tutor, University of Queensland, Brisbane

Developing a C/C++ application using OpenGL to present experimental stimuli for neuroscience experiments. Statistical analyses using MATLAB scripts. Writing and research for a PhD thesis. Presented work at conferences in Australia, USA and Russia. Published four papers in peer-reviewed journals. Tutored in Statistics and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Academic Publications


Burmester, A. & Wallis, G. (2012). Contrasting predictions of low- and high-threshold models for the detection of changing visual features. Perception. 41 (5). 505-516.


Burmester, A. & Wallis, G. (2011). Flexible resource allocation for the detection of changing visual features. Perception. 40 (3). 299-

Burmester, A. & Wallis, G. (2011). Thresholds for the detection of changing visual features. Perception. 40 (4). 409-


Burmester, A. & Broerse, J. (2010). Adaptation to combinations of form, colour, and movement. Perception. 39 (5). 620-626.

Publications for a General Audience


What is Attention? Medium.


Working memory: How you keep things ‘in mind’ over the short term. The Conversation.


Gambling on limited information: our visual system and probabilistic inference. The Conversation.


How do our brains reconstruct the visual world? The Conversation.

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